Digital Literacy Videos: Learn to use your device

A series of appropriately-paced, stepwise, visually-engaging tutorial videos on learning to use and develop comfort with devices (phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops and the three most common operating systems of each) and with digital communications technology to develop skills required to connect with online arts events developed for older adults

Equity Reference Recruitment Model

We set specific goals for recruitment (10 older adults in each of three cities: Guelph, Hamilton, and London) and we used an equity reference recruitment model to maximize the variety of perspectives in our sample, reach older adults who identified with historically marginalized populations, and adjust our recruitment efforts progressively.

Older Adults and Artistic Experience Community Survey

See Ask Your Seniors: a practical primer on accessible community research tools in Age and Creation for more information about this resource. These questions are available as a structured file that can be imported to LimeSurvey 5.