Facilitated Interview Guide

An example slide deck used to transfer skills and build confidence with members of a research team who will be peer facilitators who administer a survey over Zoom.

Zoom for Survey Facilitators

Bring older adults who have used Zoom as a program participant to a comfort level where they can host a zoom meeting for a participant interview as a peer facilitator of a research project. This is a slide deck that accompanies a training designed to be offered over Zoom. Also available as an editable PowerPoint PPTX file.

Hardware Tester’s Guide

The guide that was sent (in print) to older adults that participated in the evaluation of the direct[message] keyboard and online platform activity. Provided as an example of the formatting, language choice, and design that the research team identified for the older adults that would participate.

Connect With Others Now: First Steps Toward Your Digital Experience

An Instructional Guide to Accessing Information on the Web. This pamphlet will guide you through the
steps to: 1. Identify your digital device 2. Connect your device to wi-fi/internet 3. How to find more tutorials that explain how to use technology online. 4. How to cater your device to your needs.
As well as common terms, symbols, and websites. Sources for information and how to find them

Internal/external project update slide deck

An exemplar agenda for a project update meeting on a multi-year, multi-team project. We found that as different parts of the project progressed different working groups would get out of sync with each other’s progress or feel left out, and we’d assume knowledge not everyone had during meetings. Preparing a “where we’ve been and where we’re going” presentation was very useful to realign the team, and once we had the presentation we found it was a great resource to use to update external partners on what we were doing.